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Snippets in Israel

Putin Embraces Netanyahu Now, what hasn’t happened since last Wednesday? Of course, there was the climate conference in France, where Binyomin Netanyahu met, or at least had his picture taken, with President Barack Obama and John Kerry, but also – and this is a very significant “but” – with Vladimir Putin. Who would have ever dreamed of anything like this? Putin embraced Netanyahu as if they were long-lost brothers, but there was only one reason for that: Putin has an account to settle with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Erdogan absolutely despises Netanyahu. So it was only natural that Putin would embrace Netanyahu and decide on a security agreement with Israel - all because of a Russian plane that was shot down in the air near our country.

Three Does It

It does not happen very often and it is totally unique. The confluence of three zemanei kedushah – three times of holiness – only occurs as it does this Shabbos, as represented by reading from three Sifrei Torah. There is always a Shabbos Chanukah and there is always a Rosh Chodesh Teves during Chanukah. But we are not always zocheh to this chut hameshulash, “the three-ply cord,” which Shlomo Hamelech teaches “will not easily be severed” (Koheles 4:12). What can we – must we – learn from this coalescence?


This may not come as much of a surprise, but I love words. It’s been a life-long love. As a very young child, my mother says I’d practically fall out of the shopping cart as we rolled down the supermarket aisles in my effort to read the words on the grocery items we were passing. When I graduated from cereal boxes to books, the love deepened exponentially. If I put every book I’ve ever read end-to-end, they might not actually reach the moon but they’d sure make a good showing.

Add More Nutrients To Your Diet

So much attention is paid to foods we are supposed to avoid that many people wonder what they can actually eat, other than leafy greens. Many people are trying to eat healthier and watch their weight but are faced with difficulties such as high levels of stress, little time to exercise, too much social eating, and too little sleep. We know we should avoid overeating and being too generous with salt, oil and dressings in an effort to keep our arteries clear and our weight in check, but what about preventing health problems that can come about from not getting enough nutrients? What foods should we eat more of to boost our health, energy levels, metabolism and mood?

The Light We Need

Oy! Do we light this year In such a darkened world The banner of Yavan’s dark night Has clearly been unfurled With terror reigning in the streets And in our homes lies fear Oy! Do we need lichtigkeit On Chanukah this year

The Power of the Hour

As the captivating chuppah tune began, Mrs. Mimi Segal’s eyes welled up with tears. Her first grandchild was getting married tonight and many powerful emotions surfaced all evening. The pure, unadulterated happiness was so tangible, she could slice it. Marrying off one’s own children was joyous enough, but viewing the grandchildren attaching new links in the family chain was total bliss. Powerful feelings of gratitude to the One Above surfaced as well, with intense force. But the overwhelming emotion for Mimi during the chuppah was sustained supplication begging Hashem to shower His blessing on this couple, on all her children, and on the extended families of Klal Yisroel.

Behind Trump’s Ability to Dominate the Campaign

An intense controversy has broken out over Donald Trump’s suggestion that immigration of Muslims into the US be temporarily suspended due to the recent terrorist attacks. What is not yet clear ia whether his provocative proposal will undermine or further strengthen Trump’s dominant position in the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

Women Rabbis, Why Not?

The Yated, in alerting the public about the dangers of the Open Orthodox movement, has highlighted the numerous deviations of Yeshivat Maharat, the Open Orthodox “rabbinical school” founded by Avi Weiss to ordain “women rabbis.” Last month, the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) passed yet another resolution against the ordination and hiring of female clergy, and Open Orthodox leadership is fighting mad, condemning the RCA in every way possible, including the penning of nasty articles, vile blog attacks, and the issuance of a petition in favor of women rabbis signed by, let’s just say, people who are not quite poskim, including hordes of Open Orthodox, Reform and Conservative laity.

Snippets In Israel

Only in Israel This is it. We have made it through the passage of the budget and the amended draft law, and now we are left only with the terror attacks. Even John Kerry managed to make a brief visit to our country, and it must be said, with all due respect, that even he does not have a solution for the situation, when a young boy or girl may suddenly pull out a knife from their pocket and try to stab someone, or a youth whipped into a frenzy by nonstop incitement may suddenly plow his car into a group of soldiers or a crowd at a bus stop. And no, we aren’t getting used to it. There is fear. Eretz Yisroel, as we all know, is acquired through suffering.

In Eretz Yisroel Today

On Sunday morning, when I left the house I, was surprised to be greeted with glorious sunshine. The weather forecast had predicted that our Indian summer was coming to a close and clouds and rain were predicted for the rest of the week. Clear, bright mornings tend to energize people. As I went on my way, I observed those around me on their way to shul, school and work with a positive attitude.

No Day No Night

An Exclusive Interview with MK Yaakov Peri, Former Head of the Shin Bet In America, Bill Clinton is known for playing the saxophone. Here in Israel, we have Yaakov Peri, who plays the trumpet. He may not be a president, but, much like Clinton – at least during his term in office – Yaakov Peri is a man of unusual charisma. He is the type of person who everyone loves to love – and Peri himself, for his own part, gives people all the reason in the world to take a liking to him.

A Meis Mitzvah, Cremated

An Interview With Mr. Chesky Schonberger Last Tuesday, November 24, was the sad and distressing conclusion to the saga of a meis mitzvah, which had been dragging in the courts ever since Tzom Gedaliah. Mr. Martin Mendelsohn, a resident of Evergreen Court Home for Adults in Spring Valley (formerly Bader’s Inn), passed away on the second day of Rosh Hashanah. His only surviving relative, his brother Steven, who intermarried and rejected his faith, was determined to have him cremated.

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